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David Ferguson

Solve Customer Requests With The Efficiency Of A Ninja Using HelpNinja

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For some reason, I always have a soft spot in my heart when it comes to Help Desk software. It's probably because I started my career implementing enterprise service desk management and I realized how much large businesses are spending to get a solid help desk system in place.

So when I find a product that's powerful and affordable for small business, I get excited. That's exactly what I found with a newcomer in the field, HelpNinja.

As I discussed in Episode 20 of the podcast, having a solid help desk system for your team to receive and respond to incoming requests is key to a growing business. HelpNinja checks off all the major features needed in a Customer Support system and has an exciting roadmap for what is to come.

In this video, I walk through the interface of HelpNinja and point out a few of the features that I really like.

Check out this video, and let me know what you think about using HelpNinja to help you solve customer requests with the speed and efficiency of a Ninja.

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