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Episode 99: How To Set Up A Business Continuity Plan For Your Remote Team

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One common trait of Tech Smart Bosses is that tend to support remote teams. I mean who wants to pay a bunch of rent to an expensive office space these days, plus, we're always looking to hire the best team, not just the best local team.

We also rely heavily on part-time, freelancers, fractional staff and without realizing it, our remote and part-time staff typically play a critical role in our business.

What we don't do well is contingency planning, especially when it comes to our remote teams. In the case of emergency, such as a natural disaster, do you have a plan on how to communicate with your remote team and how they should try to notify you of their status? Probably not.

In this episode, I discuss why having a business continuity plan is important for your remote team and some tech and non-tech ways to ensure you always have your remote teams best interests and safety in mind.

Topics Discussed (Time Stamped)

02:10 Contingency planning and business continuity
02:22 Having a backup plan
05:41 Technology contingency plan
08:53 Creating a plan for any emergency or disaster that might occur
09:50 Having a plan
12:33 Making sure you have an up-to-date set of information for your team
13:17 Making a plan for the succession of activities
14:12 Knowing what needs to be transitioned over
18:05 Making sure you have directional communication
18:30 Distributing and testing the plan
23:14 Brainstorming and validating your plan
24:09 Communicating with your team

Quotes Worth Sharing

14:57 "Part of contingency planning is to know succession."

18:43 "Everything always comes back to us."

22:35 "You just need time to get together as a team and just bond, talk even if it's remotely over the phone or webcam."

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