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Episode 114: How To Align Your Sales and Support Organizations

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Some of your best customer and lead information flows through your support organization, but that valuable intel never reaches your sales team, to help them do their job better. Things such as feedback on competitor products, what they like and don't like about your product or service, key personnel changes in the users of your product and service and more.

As a growing business, it's essential to have proper alignment of your sales and support teams, to ensure this doesn't happen.

In this episode, I go over both the process and technology steps you can take to ensure your sales and support teams are in sync as you grow.

Topics Discussed (Time Stamped)

01:18 Alignment of support organization with sales organization
03:09 Process alignment and technology to use to make things happen
03:16 Alignment has to be a vision
04:40 Showing the importance of their part in the process
05:10 Making things easy
17:54 What's great about the combination of Hubspot and Helpscout
10:04 The difference between Zapier and Piesync
11:46 Building the process and doing the education of your teams
17:07 A feedback loop in your process
21:34 Coming out with some key metrics
22:23 Celebrating the success

Quotes Worth Sharing

05:20 "Start everything as a manual process."

10:44 "Part of being a tech smart boss is having this kind of technology empower your environment."

18:11 "You should have to go up and around to get to the place where you're trying to get the information."

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