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David Ferguson

Episode 113: 5 Things To Do To Increase Your Content Dwell Time (And Your Search Engine Rankings)

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One of the signals that Google uses to rank web pages is how long a person stays on that page before popping back into Google to search for the same thing. It's a metric called "Dwell Time."

It's an important thing to increase on your website content, not just for Google, but to keep people on your site in general with the goal of converting them into leads.

In this episode, I go over 5 things you can do to improve your dwell time, improve search engine rankings, and ultimately converting visitors into leads.

Topics Discussed (Time Stamped)

01:14 Concept of dwell time
02:11 Why you want people to stay on your page or website
02:42 Optimizing content for dwell time
04:03 5 things you can do to ensure people stay on your site
05:31 On having good content
06:26 The concept of storytelling
07:58 Long form articles
10:09 Including videos and images
13:10 Internal linking
15:42 Adding your call to actions
17:06 Why you want to put call to actions

Quotes Worth Sharing

08:02 "Longer articles do better."

Resources Mentioned


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