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David Ferguson

Episode 112: 7 Cognitive Biases That All Entrepreneurs Should Be Aware Of

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As humans, we all have cognitive biases. Many were developed to help us survive way back in the caveman days, but can be quite destructive for an entrepreneur.

In this episode, I discuss 7 cognitive biases that I have researched and identified in myself over the past 19 years of being an entrepreneur. And I discuss the importance of counteracting your natural biases to make the right decisions for your business and in life.

Topics Discussed (Time Stamped)

03:00 The concept of cognitive biases
04:02 Why everyone has cognitive biases
05:55 Optimism bias
07:34 On having a focus group
08:09 Having good contingency planning activities
09:12 Negativity bias
11:44 How to deal with negativity bias
11:48 Tracking the positive
12:38 Data and metrics
13:16 Confirmation bias
16:36 What to do with confirmation bias
18:05 Sunk cost fallacy
23:42 Anchoring effect
27:29 Goal Gradient Effect
31:51 Cognitive miser theory

Quotes Worth Sharing

05:09 "We were evolved with a set of cognitive biases for the purpose of survival.”

17:08 "The best entrepreneurs are the ones who challenge their assumptions."

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