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David Ferguson

Episode 109: 6 Types of Bottom of the Funnel Content Your Business Should Have

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We talk a lot about the sales funnel on the Tech Smart Boss podcast. As we said in Episode 35, your website should be a lead generating engine for your business. And part of that lead generation is to take your buyer through a journey.

They start in the top of the funnel, or awareness stage. Just learning about your industry or putting names to their needs. Then they get into the middle of the funnel, or consideration stage. They know they have an itch and are looking to scratch it. And then they are at the bottom of the funnel, they think you have the right solution and are just wrapping up their due diligence to cross that threshold and marry you (hopefully with a financial transaction to seal the deal). 💰

In this episode, I go over 6 types of content you need to serve the needs of your bottom of the funnel leads. And with this content, you can take them from highly interested opportunities, into long-lasting customers.

Topics Discussed (Time Stamped)

03:13 Bottom-of-the-funnel content
03:34 Different stages to go through
06:54 Case studies
09:16 Getting into white paper, e-books, and reports
11:19 Products updates
14:06 Having sponsored content on Facebook
17:37 Use cases
20:11 Webinars
24:26 Putting it on a site
24:47 Making navigation easy for users
24:50 Taking everything into account and making it accessible to your sales team
25:57 Promoting it on paid ads
31:57 Spending little time in all the areas

Quotes Worth Sharing

02:22 "Partnerships make sense."

16:56 "You tell good with the bad."

22:59 "I do like stuff to be right."

Resources Mentioned


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