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Episode 107: How To Determine If Live Chat or Chatbots Are Best For Your Business

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Over the past 2 years, I've made a complete reversal on the adoption of Chatbots. Back in Episode 49 of the podcast, I was all for Live Chat. And recently, in Episode 97, I went full blown Skynet, and sang the praises of the Chatbot.

But I never really gave a full explanation of why I went the chat bot route and I also don't want to leave the impression that everybody should go full speed into chatbots.

So in this episode, I've going to go over the decision points you need to make to determine if live chat or chatbots are the way that your business should proceed.

Topics Discussed (Time Stamped)

05:58 Deciding if chatbots are right for you or if website live chats are better
05:38 On replacing live chat widgets with chatbots
06:35 Problems with chat coverage
07:03 On chatbots being available 24/7
07:13 One thing that really annoys him as a consumer
07:32 His impression of live chats
09:32 On not doing live chats if there are coverage issues
09:44 On answering a lot of the same questions
11:14 Deflected tickets
11:49 Reducing customer service costs
14:53 Scaling customer service
18:18 On extremely complex customer service conversation
22:49 On having the skills required

Quotes Worth Sharing

04:50 "As a Tech Smart Boss, you are flexible and you do change with the time."

15:02 "The best ability that you have is availability."

15:13 "Scaling fast is the most complex thing you can do."

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