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Episode 102: How To Structure Your Job Offer Letter Template (The Tech Smart Boss Way)

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It's so easy when you're hiring your first (or 100th) employee just to do a quick Internet search and grab a job offer letter template and quickly hit the send button. But if you do that, you're missing a real opportunity to set the right impression for your potential hire, and in a competitive environment, you may just be losing out on the hire.

There's a better way to let your personality and business culture show, while ensuring you cover all the legal and information that needs to be included.

In this episode, I cover exactly what those items are and talk about some of the technology that can help you land your superstar hire with a rock solid job offer letter.

Topics Discussed (Time Stamped)

01:54 How to structure a job offer letter
06:08 Getting the yes and hiring key team members
06:26 Don't be legalistic and dry
07:01 Putting personality on it
07:31 Be happy, be inviting, and give a sense of accomplishment
08:35 Indicating reasons for choosing them
09:51 Being clear about the position, title, and responsibilities
10:45 Covering some of the legalistic and important details
11:38 Getting into the primary benefit of working for the company
12:27 The start date
13:19 Who they will be reporting to
14:00 Listing contingencies
17:49 Aiming for the next step
18:18 Ending with a congratulations
18:46 How to deliver technology-wise
19:58 Integrating the job offer process as part of hiring and onboarding
23:01 Immediately starting onboarding or training

Quotes Worth Sharing

09:38 "Keep it nice and concise."

Resources Mentioned


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