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Keep Your Stakeholders In The Loop With Announcekit (Onboarding and Review)

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In Episode 75 of the podcast, I discussed how it's critical to use communication methods other than e-mail to keep your website leads and customers up to date on your business. One method is to include a "What's New" section on your website or for a software product, a Change Log where users can have a central place to visit and see the latest.

That's where Announcekit comes in. Announcekit is a very simple (yet powerful) piece of software that you can use to keep a timeline of all the news that's worthy to share and then leverage that via multiple different website launch methods, social media links, email links, and more to keep your audience in the know.

In this video, I set up an account from scratch with Announcekit, set up a quick change log and make a new post. Announcekit competes with products we have talked about before, Headway and Beamer, and it does so very well, with a nice price point (free to start).

Check out this video, and let me know what you think about using Announcekit to help keep your stakeholders in the know.

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