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Have No Fear Of Your Message Being Missed With Fomo and Zapier Integration

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I've always been slightly negative toward social proof widgets. The companies that sell them always tout studies and scientific proof that it helps you convert more on your website, but whenever I see "Joe in Timbuktu Just Bought XYZ" I tend to just roll my eyes.

But a lot of that impression was on me being uninformed. In Episode 75 of the podcast, I talked about the importance of using creative ways to get your message to customers, without relying on email. Well, one excellent way to do that is with a great social proof product.

In this video, we take a look at Fomo. Fomo is one of the trailblazers in the social proof marketplace and as one of the industry leaders, they have a very mature feature set in their software. They also get that the potential of social proof alerts is not just in eCommerce and showing sales transactions, but also in displaying reviews and ratings, and service-oriented events, like customer service closing tickets.

Plus, they have an honesty policy, so I give them kudos for trying to stay classy. Don't let other marketers use social proof and lie (but a Tech Smart Boss can find all the loopholes if they want).

So Fomo has built a very powerful set of integrations and between webhooks and Zapier, you can almost display anything you want via Fomo in a nicely designed notification alert that you can completely control the display of.

For the video, we did just that. We put together the Zapier Push Chrome Extension with Fomo to illustrate how you can hook up anything that Zapier or Webhooks allow. Zapier has over 1000+ integrations, so the potential is literally unlimited.

Check out this video, and let me know what you think about using Fomo and Zapier on your website.

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