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Give Your Technical Documentation a Boost With Doxter (Onboarding and Review)

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Tech Smart Boss and Doxter

Back in Episode 73 of the podcast, I spoke about the importance of Knowledge bases and how to set up a support site for your business, but at that time I didn't know about Doxter.

Doxter is an online tool that makes the creation, editing, collaboration, and sharing of documentation easy and powerful.

Doxter is just in the early stages, but as you'll see in this video, it is already a pretty nice solution. And if you're seeing this video prior to June 30th, 2019 you can sign up to their service free for a year.

In this video, I set up a new account, take a look at their onboarding process, and set up my own document page. I even publish it to the web to see my document in action.

Check out this video, and let me know what you think about using Doxter to streamline your knowledge docs.

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